Meet the Artist: Lora Seiss

Patrons of Main Street Trolley will see some of Lora’s lovely paintings displayed around the shop and featured here on the Trolley’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook gallery.

Meet the artist: Lora is an accomplished artist who has been drawing and painting for all of her life. She has been selling her work over 20 years ago, and now has paintings available in Austria, the Tri-state area, North Carolina, Hawaii, California, Kentucky, and Oregon. She’s been commissioned to create over 350 portraits for patrons, and has sold many pieces in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and genres.  Lora regularly has shows at her home, and also enjoys displaying her work at the Trolley.


Lora especially likes working in oils as she feels that it gives her a special connection to the old masters. She thoroughly enjoys all types of painting – including abstract and nonrepresentational – but also derives great pleasure painting plein air.

When she isn’t painting, Lora shares her love of the arts by teaching aspiring students. She started teaching drawing and painting in 1995 because she wanted people to experience the joys of art.  She says, “Anyone can draw if they just have the desire to learn”; the students under her tutelage have proved that belief many times over. Lora delights in teaching at her home studio, and in 1995, she reached out to more students by taking a position at Frederick Community College.

For those of you who are interested in commissioning her work, taking lessons, or who would like to come to a show, feel free to call her at (301) 473-8942.

At the Trolley, Lora has a variety of beautiful pieces to represent her talent. From a dramatic lion done in charcoal, to striking abstracts, she has a little something to suit any home or gallery. Stop in to admire some of her work today.


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