Kinklings or Pancakes?

Kinklings are a tradition at our house, passed down from my grandmother to my father, and now to me.  I never had my grandmother’s kinklings, but my father talks about them every year, reminiscing about how good there were.  I have been fortunate, though, to have tasted by father’s homemade kinklings fresh from the fryer and powered with sugar.  Divine.

Here in Maryland, many people celebrate Shrove Tuesday with fastnachts, or kinklings, as they do in Frederick County.  It is a way to indulge before Lent and historically, to use up the fat in the house.  Across the ocean in the UK, many families traditionally enjoy savory or sweet crepes (they call them pancakes) with onions, or maybe with lemon juice and sugar.  Either one is a traditional approach.

NPR states that to ancient Romans, deep-fried treats presented a way to use up all of the butter, sugar and fat in the house prior to the self-denying diets of Lent.


Kinklings from the Jefferson Pastry Shoppe

Kinklings have many different names and variations throughout the world. In Louisiana, for instance, they’re called Beignets: pillows of deep-fried dough. There are many doughnuts of Mardi Gras, including:

  • Fasnacht (Or Fastnacht)

  • Cenci

  • Paczki

Can you guess where they’re from?

Don’t have a kinkling recipe? Try this article at the Frederick News-Post. There are a couple recipes for you to try.

Enjoy your kinklings, and stay warm – this March promises to be a cold and bitter month. We’re all waiting for spring!

Weather Updates and a Happy Valentine’s Day:

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Modelling at the Trolley.

Last week at the Trolley, we had a lovely winter-themed shoot with photographer Sarah, and models Katie and Emily.

The Holidays are Nearly Here

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Change is in the air.

The Conductor and her elves are working very hard to prepare the shop for the upcoming holidays! With Thanksgiving nearly here, the Trolley glows with winter cheer. It’s warm and cozy inside, so next time it’s cold and grey outside, stop in to revel in a little holiday goodness. If you’re looking for a little extra something for your Thanksgiving table, though, don’t worry – we still have lots of gorgeous fall items in store, too.

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