The Trolley’s Kitchen Tip

Who doesn’t appreciate time-saving ideas, especially with all the activities that families participate in these days?  Here’s are some to help you get “down the track.”

Make a meal on a slow day before a busy one.  Dishes such as vegetable quiche, Tuscan-style tuna salad, or pumpkin and apple soup can all be made a day or two before they are needed.  Also, by preparing meals in large batches and stocking the freezer with the extras, you can provide your family with home-cooked meals on busy days.  Casseroles, soups, whole meals, or just the entrees; so many choices.   Some ideas:  Frozen chicken breast that’s been grilled and marinated is perfect for panini sandwiches or Cobb salads.  Or try making a double batch of lasagna, sloppy Joe’s, or pulled pork – and freeze half for another night.

What are your favorite meals make ahead of time or to freeze?  Feel free to share your tips and ideas!